Green-livingBefore you start composting, green cleaning, recycling, and camping, let’s remember the basics: Start simple. Start small. Start with what suits you and your family’s needs. Once you begin making simple, affordable, and very significant changes to your life, you will see that green living begins to reveal itself to you. Once you feel that a change is seamless and for the most part unnoticed, you will find the desire, ability, and energy to search for new ways to make green changes. And, once your energy bill numbers start falling, and your own kinetic energy starts growing, you will have a green smile on your face, and more money waiting for that rainy day.

maxresdefaultThe one problem that you may encounter with living green, as with all new changes, is that you may start off full of energy, passion, and drive, which may then fade over time. Green living is not a passing fad. Sure, it is trendy right now, and it is very media worthy. And that, in turn, can create pressure to make fast changes, big changes, and short-lived changes. Who hasn’t tried that faddish crash diet for a few weeks, only to get frustrated, disappointed, and completely ravished with hunger before chucking it out the window? We all do it.

green-home-builders-in-dallaThe best way to ensure that green living becomes second nature in your home is to make it a part of your family life. Let’s look at it like this: Imagine your green lifestyle is similar to maintaining a clean house. There are two approaches to cleaning a home. You can attack it with random bursts of energy. (“No one call me for a week. I will be cleaning.”) Then fall, exhausted, onto the couch where you lie in cleaning hibernation for months at a time. Your home will be clean, but it isn’t easy to muster that strength to do it again, and mounting a fast and furious attack can leave you frustrated and dreading the next round of cleaning. The other approach is to maintain it, little by little, doing small, easy, daily tasks, divided among and focusing on involving the entire family along the way. This keeps it steady, clean, and functioning while still leaving time for play and relaxation.

Siu-Siu-Lab-of-Primitive-Senses-by-Divooe-Zein-Architects_dezeen_SQ02We believe the easiest way to maintain a clean house, and a green house, is to do a little at a time, do what is best for you, and do it as you go. Not only does cleaning become effortless after a while, but it also becomes a part of your everyday life. With the same approach to making simple, green changes, after doing it for so long, it will become your “lifestyle” rather than your “green lifestyle.”

We can’t emphasize enough that although many of these tips are easy and very user-friendly, some of them just may not be for you. That is okay. There is no shame and no fault in realizing that you can’t do it all. None of us is perfect. And none of us is a perfect environmentalist. You, as your own person, need to make the best green decisions for you and your family. That will ensure that you live a green, productive, and happy life rather than a high-maintenance, unaffordable, overly green, faddish lifestyle.